Our Approach


We love to get inspired by your personalities in order to tell your unique story. Because every story, couple and wedding is so unique and different. With us you get authentic pictures and emotional films. People who are like us, who also love unconventional creative weddings with much love in details. Free spirit and urban weddings as well as hippie or bohemian style are some of our favorites!
We love it when your wedding reflects you as a couple.
As we will be somewhere around you all day, the chemistry between us should be right. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with us and vice versa. Your day will be captured by us in a natural way. We neither try to disturb you nor your guests and catch the natural moments of your wedding. We do not like complicated poses, we want authenticity, to create pictures and films that reflect you as a couple. We try to capture your day as an observer, to get the pictures you will look at when you are old and remember the emotions of your wedding day. Most of the couples you see on our website have become friends through the exciting wedding planning time and this is the best way for us to work as a friend and not only as a service provider.
We are always looking for the perfect moments.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”


Our Story


The beginning

We started the journey together in 2016, wanting to create images and tell stories that remind you of how you start this exciting journey together. It is very important because it serves as something to look back on and smile about during this adventure of a lifetime.

Our style

We love stylish hipster weddings in industrial buildings or lofts, rooftop weddings in your favorite city, free ceremonies with your best friends in breathtaking nature …

Big wild bouquets, picnic blankets & hay bales. Beautiful flying dresses, rustic villas with pools, candles, fairy lights and sparklers.

Dance in the magic of fairy lights until the early hours of the morning …

You want photographers / videographers at your wedding, who are not just service providers, but feel familiar like wedding guests or maybe like friends? Who give you tips and help with the planning? You love natural, unposed shots that reflect how you felt on your day, honest and real pictures and videos.

Then we are the right team for you

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